It’s… so beautiful.
We’re really horrifically spoiled.

Vieja: no me recibí de médico, pero me hicieron una estatua en Buenos Aires! #TomáMate.
— Manu Ginobili (@manuginobili)
August 29, 2014
Roughly translated: "Mom, I didn’t become a doctor, but they made me a statue in Buenos Aires!"

…I won’t lie, I don’t really see it.
…This is exactly what I was thinking when a commercial came on advertising NBA champion gear.

Larry with Sparkles and V3RD3 in Brazil!

I… I don’t know why I never reblogged these.

Tiago Splitter and his son Benjamin.

Does… does his jersey say daddy? *collapses under the weight of so much adorable*
Guys, Pattycakes and Bobo are apparently stayingggg
I can resume sleeping again.
so happieeees
…Man, I said I’d buy their jerseys if they resigned. Farewell, monies.

"My dream was always to play in the NBA, I never thought in title, just like to be part of this. So I went to Spurs and I won more than my dream of playing in the league. I became champion in a championship team. I’m happy to be part of it and represent my country. I am very grateful to be part of the Spurs Family" - Tiago Splitter