From FIBA’s Facebook

I saw a decent part of the world cup, I just… didn’t post through it. I saw a couple Brasil and France, but mostly Spain. At least France did well!
Wait, hold up, did the jerseys change or is this a weird variant copy or something. Cause I got an email to see if I could get Bobo without having to personalise one, and I found this instead.
Cause, I like this way better than the last couple if years if so.
It’s… so beautiful.
We’re really horrifically spoiled.

Vieja: no me recibí de médico, pero me hicieron una estatua en Buenos Aires! #TomáMate. pic.twitter.com/s4BoygRXpm
— Manu Ginobili (@manuginobili)
August 29, 2014
Roughly translated: "Mom, I didn’t become a doctor, but they made me a statue in Buenos Aires!"

…I won’t lie, I don’t really see it.
…This is exactly what I was thinking when a commercial came on advertising NBA champion gear.

Larry with Sparkles and V3RD3 in Brazil!

I… I don’t know why I never reblogged these.

Tiago Splitter and his son Benjamin.

Does… does his jersey say daddy? *collapses under the weight of so much adorable*